Monday, November 2, 2009

Top Ten Takeaways From Favregeddon

10) Terrorist Packer Fan didn't bring his "A" game

9) Perhaps it's not a great sign when you bring in Ancient Ahman Green to return kicks

8) Maybe one day, Aaron Rodgers will be enough of a winner to have an offensive line

7) The Packer organization still has so much love for Favre, they just refuse to resort to blitzing

6) One day, in ten to twenty years or so when Favre finally retires, Packer Fan will look back on this and laugh, because the medication will have that side effect

5) People in Wisconsin haven't been this depressed since, well, yesterday

4) Now that the game is over, Packer Fan and Viking Fan are friends again

3) Adrian Peterson is just a *little* bit better than Ryan Grant

2) Fox's 24/7 FavreCam that you could view online was in no way overkill, creepy, or nauseating

1) Favre can finally retire

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