Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Top 10 Sports Blogger Resolutions for 2010

10) Cut back on the mentions of how Kobe Bryant Is An Anal Rapist, because it brings in unfortunate search engine traffic

9) Pick the Steelers to win every game until their worry-wart fans pay me off

8) Continue to hate Brett Favre for the right reasons

7) Cover the three sports that the blog is devoted to, regardless of the value of my real or fake teams

6) Maintain journalistic credibility by refusing to whore it up for the advertisers, unless they pay extra

5) Avoid obvious seasonal posts like, um, this one

4) Create a podcast, so that the creative output can be ignored in multiple media

3) No, seriously, stop pointing out how Kobe Bryant Is An Anal Rapist, since it also sets up the site for possible legal action on the off chance that he, well, isn't

2) Quit the game if I ever lose the fire, or the conviction that I'm not doing my best and most original creative work

1) Ignore any and all resolutions


cmjdad said...

Desperate for hits?

TheStarterWife said...

So what is your price? No more Steeler jinxing!

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