Sunday, December 20, 2009

Top 10 NFL Week 15 Ad Questions

10) Why are women who appreciate gifts from Kay Jewelry childishly afraid of thunder?

9) Does Alka Seltzer really want to target their product to Lumberg-esque management tools?

8) How sad does your life have to be to think that a leased Ford is a festive holiday gift?

7) Is anyone really thinking that they are living better after they buy things from Wal-Mart?

6) What does it say about McDonald's "food" that they are sponsoring a movie that's mostly made with unreal simulations?

5) Why does making children wear matching racing crew attire and sing about their love for a car toy seem like a good holiday gift idea?

4) Don't Sony and Best Buy's prices have to be higher, since they have the expense of all of those celebrity panelists hiding in the walls?

3) Why is Michael Jordan's understandable distaste for Charlie Sheen a reason to buy underwear?

2) Is anyone else intimidated by Autozone's squadrons of identical Matrix-esque cars swooping into position?

1) Are Bud Light drinkers so suicidal from their choice of beverage that they let dogs drive, or is it more of a stupidity thing?

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