Sunday, January 24, 2010

Top 10 NFL Conference Championship Week Ad Questions

10) Why is Steve Young still so angry about who is getting inducted into the Hall of Fame?

9) If Sears gave Brett Favre a little more money, would he wipe his bare ass with a Packers jersey?

8) Do I have to be a bogeyman to find a job with, or does the service just work best for them?

7) Why does Coors think that people want to drink beer that reminds them of trains?

6) How much money would Oreo have to give Donald Trump to not just whore himself out in their ad, but actually eat their product?

5) Is anyone else creeped out by the fact that the Geico Lizard has to go with his boss to the bathroom to "listen to ringtones"?

4) Are people who are moved to tears by the personal tragedies of America's Olympic athletes more likely to go into debt on their credit cards?

3) When you see a Formula One style racing series ad sponsored by Izod, do you think that all of the drivers have to be preppy douchebags who wear shirts with little alligators on them?

2) Has anyone ever been as pregnant as the woman in the State Farm ad?

1) Do GMC truck drivers have a lot of call for carrying straw and twigs?

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