Monday, January 25, 2010

Top 12 Reasons To Catch Pro Bowl Fever

12) You know you want to bet it

11) Now that it's a week before the Super Bowl, it's slightly less easier to ignore

10) The drama of seeing if DeSearn Jackson trash talks his NFC teammates from Dallas

9) Given the rate in which players are begging off this thing, there's a reasonable chance that athletic spectators could get some burn

8) It's a perfect place to scout intriguing but unowned fantasy football players like Johnny Knox and Leonard Weaver

7) Admit it: you're fascinated to see how Norv Turner blows this game as well

6) If people don't pay attention to it, the NFL might do something insane like determine home field in the championship for the conference that wins

5) We are not making this up: good seats (and bad, and many) are still available

4) You don't get more exciting than a Matt Schaub / Vince Young / David Garrard QB roster

3) Given the lack of crowd noise and nice weather, might be the best game of the year for heckling

2) With over sixty minutes of game time, chances are good that someone will make a tackle

1) We still have five more days to go for the remaining handful of good players to beg off


GuysGirl said...

As a Jag fan, I can't wait to see my boys MJD and Garrard! :) See everyone at the Pro bowl!

DMtShooter said...

Wow, the only female Jags fan on the Internet reads this blog. (I keed, I keed...)

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