Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reason #8,209,783 Not To Take The Winter Olympics Seriously: The Women's Ski Jumping Issue

Caught this from a progressive blog... ever wonder why you (and I do mean you: I'm on the record as not watching this at all) see men ski jumping at the Olympics, but not the women?

Well, it's because they apparently do it better, and the men don't want to be embarrassed.

No, seriously.

It speaks, of course, to a larger point: that there are plenty of sports (auto racing, acrobatics, distance running, maybe motocross, etc.) where simply having less body mass is a good thing, and in those sports, the women are going to get good enough over time to make the Shetland Men pissy.

And speaking as a pissy Shetland Man, um, good. Get over yourself, my fellow halflings, and face the fact that sports should be done by the people who are best at them. If that's a female, so be it. Hard to imagine that in 2010, this is actually a discussion...

1 comment:

CMJDad said...

Can't agree on the motorcross angle. I competed in motorcross a long time ago, but even with advancements in weight reduction, the motorcycles still require quite a bit of upper and lower body strength to seriously compete, especially on open-class bikes.

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