Monday, March 29, 2010

In even more news you could not possibly care about

Here's the serpentine H2H fantasy baseball team for 2010. I promise, this is the last of these posts.

1. (2) Hanley Ramírez
2. (23) Zack Greinke
3. (26) Grady Sizemore
4. (47) Brian Roberts
5. (50) Chris Carpenter
6. (71) Derrek Lee
7. (74) Nick Markakis
8. (95) Clayton Kershaw
9. (98) Josh Hamilton
10. (119) José Valverde
11. (122) Adam Jones
12. (143) Leo Núñez
13. (146) Kurt Suzuki
14. (167) Jorge Cantú
15. (170) Octavio Dotel
16. (191) Mark DeRosa
17. (194) Edwin Jackson
18. (215) Vladimir Guerrero
19. (218) Stephen Strasburg
20. (239) Hiroki Kuroda
21. (242) Ben Sheets

I was having a good old time here until the 11th, when I waited a pick too long to get 2B/3B Ian Stewart, dooming me to the cold corner of Cantu and DeRosa. I also really didn't feel good about being pulled into the closer run for Nunez and Dotel, neither of whom strikes me as a great bet to finish the year with the job. I also kind of got away from speed after the early picks, and as this is a daily league, I'm hurting for ABs if and when HanRam, Roberts or Suzuki grab some pine. There's also some absolute horror in rooting for three Oriole hitters.

But on the plus side, I like my chances on having four hammer SPs, especially on K/9, and I like Vladdy Daddy's chances for a Texas rebirth. If Strasburg is what he's advertised, I might even have pitching to deal, not that I can deal worth a damn. And the simple fact of the matter is that you rarely, if ever, win a league on draft day. But you sure can lose it.

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