Monday, March 15, 2010

Memo to Browns Fan

1) Your team brought in Mike Holmgren.

2) He correctly identified that the QB tandem of Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson was terrible, and needed to be upgraded.

3) He then cut Anderson and traded Quinn to Denver for fullback / halfback / usable special teamer Peyton Hillis, pictured right.

4) Holmgren also poached his old team in Seattle for Seneca Wallace, who probably isn't in the bottom half of backup QBs in the league...

5) And to finish things off, signed Jake Delhomme.

No, seriously.

Yes, the same guy who did this nine days ago. (And I'm ignoring the fact that he'll make ludicrous jack, no matter what, in 2010.)

The same guy that threw more godawful picks last year than any franchise in years? The guy who single-handedly kept his team out of the playoffs? The guy that every fantasy football player kept tabs on last year, to make sure that they had the opposing defense?

I'm astounded that Delhomme is employed to play pro ball in 2010. I'm amazed that anyone would want a 35-year-old injury-prone pick machine without wheels or even much arm strength to be under center. And yet here he is, the odds-on favorite to be given one of only 32 sets of keys in the whole danged NFL world. (And yes, I know the Browns would be completely insane to not draft a QB next year, and both Delhomme and Wallace are just warming the seat, but the Walrus isn't going to put a rook into the fire no matter what. Besides, Joe Flacco and Mark Sanchez and Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan exist; you can win games with rookie QBs.)

So, Browns Fan... have you ever considered the idea that your team is just conducting an elaborate practical joke at your expense?

1 comment:

Jp14 said...

Of course we've considered it. We are already completely aware of the fact that the entire thing is a social experiment. A very cruel one at that.

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