Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top 10 signs of bandwagon college basketball fandom

Hey kids! My Syracuse Orangemen made the Sweet Sixteen after back to back easy wins (thank you, NCAA selection committee, for deciding that the "West" bracket needed to play in the wild West town of Buffalo, NY, aka a de facto home game). Some readers of the blog might remember that last week, I wrote that I'd rather find $20 on the ground than see a big long run from my alma mater, but that, clealy, was a joke. But how do you recognize real bandwagon fans?

10) Their logo merchandise still has that new car smell

9) When they talk about the current team's players, they sometimes refer to them with the names of alumni

8) You've never heard them refer to their school or team before

7) The "we" pronoun gets used in ways that are extremely forced

6) They talk about the coach more than the players (but not, of course, as much as the TV mouth jobbers)

5) The smack talk about the next opponent doesn't extend beyond making fun of the school or mascot

4) They can't talk about any other games in the tournament

3) They refuse to admit that they are bandwagon fans, and are overly offended at the suggestion

2) They keep mispronouncing the names of the players

1) Their bracket is much better than yours

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LDUTheCoach said...

nice post!! keep em coming and I look forward to what you put out in the future!

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