Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Top 10 signs that fantasy baseball is getting too popular

10) Five people in your office have asked you if you are starting a league

9) People are actually drafting teams now, despite a month of spring training injuries ahead

8) The poor quality of American League shortstops offends you

7) MLB- markets like Oakland, Kansas City, Washington and San Diego actively marketing their ticket plans as "Our guys count in fantasy leagues, too"

6) People actually choose to listen to Matthew Berry

5) Season previews of teams getting a tenth of the page views of player rankings

4) Jose Reyes' owners about to file class-action lawsuit to make the Mets hit him leadoff, instead of third

3) The decision isn't whether to join a league, but whether to go for an auction or snake draft

2) You've read this whole list in the hopes of finding one sleeper (Julio Borbon)

1) No MLB fan under 30 doesn't have a team

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