Monday, March 15, 2010

Top 10 signs that you are overthinking your fantasy baseball draft

Not that I am, you know, guilty of all of these and more...

10) Your tiered list has more tiers than players

9) Your draft preparation includes a special list of players that are so overrated that you think they are underrated

8) You not only know what VORP stands for, but you've used it as a verb

7) You've ranked more players -- many more players -- than your league could possibly draft, just so you're prepared if you join another league

6) You are joining other leagues

5) You've invented a special formula for your rankings, and it's not the first time

4) You find yourself applying regression to the mean analysis to food and beverage choices

3) You openly disparage anyone who dares to come into a draft without dozens of hours of research

2) You not only have a unique strategy for this year's draft, but you've also named it

1) You feel guilty for having read this list, since it took up time that you could have spent on draft preparation

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Preach on, Brother! Bring it Home!

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