Monday, April 19, 2010

Top 10 NBA First Round Weekend Takeaways

10) All it took to make Quentin Richardson sympathetic after all these years was a punk elbow from Kevin Garnett

9) Brandon Jennings is such a defense-free ballhog that he can even make Mike Bibby's corpse look relevant

8) Even when Derrick Rose is the best player on the floor, the Bulls don't belong in the same building as the Cavs

7) LeBron James would be a plus player even if he was only good at defense

6) All it takes to make Nuggets interim coach Adrian Dantley look smart is to give Carmelo Anthony the ball on a clear out

5) The Jazz are going to run out of playable big men at about the same time as they run out of games to play

4) In the time it took you to read this, Dwight Howard blocked another shot

3) Shockingly, the Thunder may be too young to take out the Lakers

2) When the Mavs score a big hoop, TNT feels that it's important to remind you that Mark Cuban owns the team, is at the game, and is happy

1) According to Phil "The Playoffs Haven't Started Until The Home Team Loses" Jackson, only the Blazer-Sun series has started

1 comment:

Mike Briggs said...

I agree Jennings needs to work on his d, but as far as being a ballhog... who is he supposed to pass to??? With Redd and Bogut gone, it's basically a two-man show with him and Salmons. Bucks may have had a chance with Bogut, but w/o him, they'll be lucky to get one win in that series.

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