Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top 10 reasons why Donovan McNabb wants the Skins to sign Terrell Owens

At least according to Web rumors, which is reason #8006 as to why you should not pay attention to NFL rumors. Except for this one!

10) Wants that feeling of playing for the Raiders, without actually playing for the Raiders

9) Already hates Mike Shanahan and wants him to suffer, even if it means he has to as well

8) Without Owens, McNabb feels that his games against the Eagles are just going to hold no interest

7) By bringing him in, you get the 2-for-1 benefit of more Drew Rosenhaus in your life

6) Thinks that by bringing him in, he'll get a DeSean Jackson level rook soon after

5) Knows that when the sideshow comes to town, fewer people would be on his nuts for failing to turn this collection of 2005 All Stars into a playoff team

4) Sees this as the only way to get a highly watched reality show of his own

3) In a devious but brilliant maneuver, is secretly still on the Eagles' payroll

2) As the past 11 years of living with Philly Fan proves, he's something of a masochist

1) It's all part of the most elaborate and satisfying practical joke in years

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

#11. McNabb's new house has a security camera with excellent view of the drive way.

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