Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Top 11 reasons why the Cubs are moving Carlos Zambrano to the bullpen

11) Best way to undermine Carlos Marmol

10) Keeps him from obsessing about, and getting injured while, hitting

9) Z hasn't stopped shaking since Jason Heyward destroyed him on Opening Day

8) Spending $17.75 million for a set-up man is what makes the Cubs special

7) It's not like Z has pitched a no hitter, is 36 games over .500, and has not finished a year with an ERA above 4 since his rookie year in 2001

6) When you've got Tom Gorzelanny *and* Carlos Silva, there's clearly no room in the rotation

5) If Z is in the bullpen, he can't destroy the Gatorade machine in the dugout when he has one of his temper tantrums

4) The Cubs have the ability to void Z's contract if he's committed to an institution, so they're trying to push the issue

3) After nearly a decade, the Cubs have decided to start worrying about Z's pitch counts

2) Whenever you can turn a 200+ IP a year pitcher who routinely works better than league average into someone who works a third as often while also becoming a clubhouse nightmare, you've got to pull the trigger

1) Cubs manager Lou Pinella might just be, you know, senile


olcubsfan said...

The guy had one bad start, the last start, cubs didnt score!
the cubs dont score! maybe thats y
he trys to hit so bad! they lost there last 9 playoff games!
not because of pitching.
he was on the DL last year thats y
he only won 9 games. he almost always wins 8 more games a yrs than he loses!
C carpender,s go on the DL, he comes back, oh poor Cris,
if they would leave the guy alone
he'd be fine! 17-9. if they hit.

The Truth said...

And that last comment basically sums up Cubs fans.

olcubsfan said...

This has happen to the Cubs before! remember a pitcher, was a good starter for 12 yrs!
personal problems, got him sent to the pen!
He didnt what to go to the pen,so he got traded in 87 to the Oakland Athletics.
they didnt want him as a starter either! he signed with Oakland, for there bullpen! 388 saves later,(he started 361 games before he became a RP)
Dennis Eckersley, class of the 2004 Hall of Fame!

MAR said...

Are u freakin kidding me.. What a disappointment.. I love watching the Big Z pitch.. This saddens me.. When it is Zambrano's turn to pitch a game i don't miss it.. Cubs do this crap all the time.. That's why they can't win a world series.. I guess the bright side of this is that at least they didn't get rid of him.. Which is a usually they do.. Love ya Big Z..

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