Sunday, May 2, 2010

Top 10 NBA Playoff Weekend Takeaways

10) When even Mike Bibby looks good, the Hawks are more or less guaranteed to win

9) So long as you allow a large number of things that aren't usually considered as basketball activities, Ron Artest can defend anyone

8) Surprisingly, a guy with a lipstick kiss tatooed on his neck (Denver's Kenyon Martin) didn't make good decisions in a pressure situation

7) Shockingly, Ron Artest doesn't shoot three pointers any better in the playoffs than he does in the regular season

6) The Hawks and Bucks showed the world that a Game Seven doesn't have to be dramatic, interesting, or even all that necessary

5) Mark Cuban's dissatisfaction with the officiating after a first round exit is one of the Association's more charming annual traditions

4) It's going to be fun to see how many times Deron Williams gets "acccidentally" tripped in the next week

3) The Oklahoma City celebrity roll footage for Game Six ran the fine line between quaint and sad

2) Los Angeles is so worried about the Jazz, it's keeping them up days

1) Scrappy small-town teams enjoy huge home court advantages that don't translate into wins

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