Sunday, June 20, 2010

This Week's Top 10 MLB Takeaways

10) If you write about MLB, you are required by law to discuss some aspect of Stephen Strasburg, so long as you don't discuss the Nationals' record or playoff hopes

9) The Yankees showed their preference for female impersonators over male impersonators by giving Lady Gaga access to the clubhouse ahead of the media

8) The Marlins' Hanley Ramirez sprained his hamstring after a promotional giveaway, in what can only be explained as a vuvuzela-inspired injury

7) The Astros actually chose to intentionally walk Vladimir Guerrero to get to Josh Hamilton, who already had four hits on the day, in a game-winning situation (he won the game with his fifth hit of the day)

6) The hottest team in the American League are the Chicago White Sox, which just goes to show that 10 games in June doesn't really mean a damn thing

5) Roy Halladay's Cy Young Award, 25-win season and clear superiority over Cliff Lee isn't quite up to his 8-6 record

4) Manny Ramirez returned to Boston and got booed by a majority of the crowd, which surprised only the national media

3) The Padres' rental on first place in the NL West is just about up

2) The Orioles are more than 10 games further out of first place in their division than every other team in MLB

1) Curt Schilling joined Joe Morgan, Orel Hershier and Jon Miller in the booth for Sunday Night Baseball to discuss Ramirez as the World Wide Lemur tried to break the Guiness world record for douchebag density

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