Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Top 10 reasons to hate Algeria

With the U.S. most likely needing a win against Algeria to advance to the second round of the World Cup, animosity towards the Desert Foxes is on the rise. Feel free to hate on them for the following reasons...

10) They haven't made a World Cup in 24 years, which means that they are way too into this

9) That "Battle of Algiers" flick totally inspired the Iranian insurgency, which means we can blame the whole mess on them

8) Goalie Faouzi Chaouchi tried to steal the thunder of England's Robert Green with his own super soft goal

7) You just can't trust or like any team that takes its nickname from a famous Nazi general

6) Coach Rabah Saadane is 63, but still has a Facebook page, which just means that he's likely to inspire your parents to friend you and read your entire back history of sordid updates

5) As the 11th-largest country in the world and with home continent advantage, they are totally missing out on that underdog thing

4) Their best midfielder, Karim Ziani, was actually born in Paris, so they are cheaters as well as closet Frenchies

3) They have oil and Islam, two things that haven't generally gone well for us in the last decade

2) They are still in contention to move to the second round despite not scoring a goal in two games, which means that they personify everything that's wrong with this game

1) With the ouster of the French, they are the most French team still in the draw


Anonymous said...

France can still suck it!

The Truth said...

Don't look now but it appears the SS showed up to play Guana today. Nice choice of unis Germany. (Heavy, heavy sarcasm)

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