Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Top 10 reasons to root for the French in the World Cup

10) If they go through to the second round, it will give everyone a team to root against

9) The longer it takes for them to get eliminated, the longer (seriously) it will involve president Nicholas Sarkozy

8) Not since Brett Favre has a contending team been more douche dense

7) Makes all American prima donna athletes look better by comparison

6) Without France's help, the Americans do not achieve independence over the British with their massive win at Yorktown, which is one of those points that isn't quite making it in a Texas school book

5) Creates the real possibility that the host nation won't make the second round, which means that we'll see how much these people really like this game

4) A run by the French will make the Irish bitter, and few nations do that better

3) Could make tens of thousands of self-righteous American sports writers tear their back hair out

2) Might continue the managerial run of Raymond Domenech, who is just a real friend to bloggers trying to fill the hole on a slow day

1) Gives us all another couple of weeks to write and tell anti-French jokes


Anonymous said...

Suck it France.

DMtShooter said...

And just like that, they are done. I will now sit alone, alone...

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