Monday, June 7, 2010

Top 10 takeaways from Lakers-Celtics Game Two

10) Kevin Garnett might die of old age before the end of this series

9) After Phil Jackson gets done Jedi Mind Tricking the refs, Kobe Bryant might not get five more fouls in this series

8) Kendrick Perkins' defensive reputation might not survive another big game from Andrew Bynum

7) Lamar Odom is three more Laker losses away from appearing on a milk carton

6) Someone needs to tell Doc Rivers that if he brings Rajon Rondo out of a game for a minute or two here and there, no one will laugh at him

5) If Pau Gasol can't get more than 10 shots in a game when every Celtics big man and Kobe Bryant got into foul trouble, I'm not sure he ever can (Gasol was, for the record, 7 of 10 and led the Lakers with 25 points)

4) The Lakers really might want to stop letting Ray Allen shoot open three pointers

3) The game had dozens of lead changes, 67 free throws and hundreds of eye-rolling reactions to the refs

2) I'm pretty sure that I just blocked Big Baby Davis, or my 4-year-old daughter

1) The chance of this thing ending in five ABC-unfriendly games does not exist

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