Friday, June 18, 2010

Top 10 takeaways from the NBA Finals

10) When the Lakers and Celtics play seven rock fight games, it's a defensive classic, but when the Spurs and Pistons do it, it's an abomination in the eyes of the Lord

9) Brian Scalabrine can retire now, since he's been given the high honor of being called serviceable by Jeff van Gundy

8) In the long run, that whole "Laker/Celtic Fan Can't Trust Artest / Sheed" meme didn't really come true, seeing how both of them didn't take a critical technical, and hit monster threes late in the fourth quarter

7) Celtics Fan does not know whether to whine harder in Game Seven about Kendrick Perkins not being around to stop the rebounds, or the free throw discrepancy

6) While it's always hard to take Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant winning yet another trophy, there is the consolation of knowing that Boston Fan is going to cry about not being able to close the deal on this for a really, really long time

5) In retrospect, maybe Ray Allen making all of those threes in Game Two wasn't really an omen for the rest of the series

4) To everyone who thinks that the regular season doesn't matter... the Lakers had home court from it, and that kinda helped

3) When we look back on this series, we'll most remember that celebrities go to games, "Grown Ups" is now in theaters, and Mark Jackson likes to fellate NBA players with a sexy baritone growl

2) So long as a series goes seven games, and the last game is close in the fourth quarter, we can mostly forget that most of the games were eye rape

1) This absolutely, positively settles once and for all which team is better, until both teams meet in the Finals again next year


The Truth said...

That series was so bad I was hoping a WNBA game would break out.

Seriously, if those are the best two teams the NBA has to offer, the league is in trouble.

DMtShooter said...

They are, but styles make fights. If this had been Suns-Celtics, or Suns-Magic, the games would have been better to watch. And fewer people would have watched them. Sigh.

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