Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Top 11 Takeaways from Celtics-Lakers Game Six

11) After giving the Celtic bench five dollars every time they slapped them in the first five games, the Laker Bench scored the first 21 non-starter points of the game

10) No team is better at conserving energy when they fall behind big like the Celtics

9) When the game is out of hand, the refs like to give Kobe Bryant technicals, just to show him who's boss

8) If you ever in a fight where the only weapons allowed are throwing rocks, you better make friends with Tony Allen fast

7) No matter which team wins, Celtic Fan or Laker Fan will pule that the injury suffered by their center slug was really the deciding factor, not the performace of the opposition

6) Both teams bench players seemingly break out in hives when they have to wear jerseys that are not predominantly white

5) When Ron Artest is cooly hitting threes and not sending his man to the foul line, you aren't winning the game

4) The refs didn't call Artest for a foul when Rajon Rondo slammed his jaw into his arm, because they were as offended by Rondo's 5 for 15 night as the rest of the world

3) The Celtics shot only 10 free throws tonight, which will be mentioned by roughly 500 Celtic blogs, and five million Celtic fans

2) Shannon Brown has one offensive move, but when you give him space to dunk, it's enough

1) If you really like basketball, you have to watch these games... and also, welcome the fact that there can only be one more game of it

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

absolutely love the nba finals. Definitely wearing my favorite shirt to a game 7 LAKERS WIN!

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