Monday, July 19, 2010

Top 10 MLB Takeaways of the Week

10) Omar Infante and Evan Meek proved, once again, that you can be an All-Star without being relevant to most fantasy leagues

9) Texas traded for Cliff Lee, just to see how much going from a pitcher's park and good defense to a hitter's park and weak defense can will ruin a man's numbers

8) Ken Macha complained that his players are getting hit too often, which stands to reason, seeing how everyone is desperate to single out a team that's nine games under .500 and going nowhere

7) Jonathan Broxton saved the win for the National League in the All-Star Game, then worked very hard to make sure the Dodgers don't benefit from that work later

6) Carlos Zambrano and Brian Roberts made strides towards returning to the majors, just in time to further insult their dead in the water fantasy league owners

5) The Yankees said goodbye to George Steinbrenner with some of the most spectacular sidewise compliments ever spoken

4) Kerry Wood went on the disabled list for the 14th time in his career, surprising, um, absolutely no one

3) Jose Reyes avoided going on the disabled list by showing that his oblique was getting better, and that Midol was helping with his cramps

2) Roy Oswalt continued to pine for a trade, his lost youth, and working ankles

1) Mat Latos went on the disabled list with a strained muscle that was supposedly produced by sneezing, which is all that you need to know about how pitchers aren't athletes

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