Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Top 10 signs that you are suffering from premature fantasy football prep

10) You already have rankings, and will defend them

9) If you haven't locked down a team name by the end of the week, you're going to be bent

8) If you aren't in a keeper league, you are regretting that decision, since you could be making trade offers right now

7) You are pissed off that your local newsstand doesn't have a football annual yet, despite the fact that you could probably write your own by now

6) You've already stared down the schedules to try to game the system to have players with strong matchups in the fantasy football championship weeks

5) Every time you read the name of a rookie, you get a little more annoyed, because you are convinced that only you know about him now

4) You've worked out some new rule change that will help your team and hurt your rivals

3) You have read this list in the fading hope that there will be some actual nugget of useful information (Steve Slaton's primed for a solid bounce-back year)

2) The annual "Maybe I can actually draft a Raider" thought has come to mind, and you aren't even drunk

1) You refuse to admit that when the regular season games are two months away, that you might still have enough time

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