Thursday, July 1, 2010

Top 10 World Cup Round of Eight Talking Points

10)We can only see the dream All-Guay matchup in the Final

9) Many second and third generation natives of Argentina aren't going to feel too bad if Germany wins their matchup

8) Dozens and dozens of Americans will be rooting for Uruguay to extract vengeance on... Ghana, right, it's Ghana

7) The Netherlands will be trying to pull off a huge upset against Brazil, despite their opponents having an overwhelming number of Brazilians

6) In four games so far, Paraguay has only given up one goal, which means that they might be the most boring side left in the tournament

5) Due to the youth of their roster, Germany is actually considered lovable, plucky and underdoggish, which might be the biggest underdog moment of the tournament, really

4) Since Spain-Germany or Spain-Argentina would both be great games to watch, it's a cinch that Paraguay will move on

3) Everyone involved in the semifinal game pitting the Brazil/Netherlands winner against Uruguay/Ghana will pretend that the two best teams are involved

2) Had the U.S. gone two games further, they would have totally made everyone feel patriotic for the July 4th holiday weekend, which would have just been, well, weird

1) ESPN is really, really hoping that you are still watching, but knows that you aren't

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