Sunday, July 11, 2010

Top 11 World Cup Final Takeaways

11) If you loved yellow cards, pointless passing, whiffed chances and meandering midfield play, this was the very bestus game ever

10) In the final analysis, there was no way that the Dutch were going to overcome the game picking octopus

9) All of the players involved who got yellow cards feel really, really ashamed of their conduct

8) Andres Iniesta, the goal-scorer for Spain, now gets to impregnate any woman in his country, with or without their consent

7) On some level, the Dutch fans would much rather have lost it in actual play, rather than penalty kicks

6) No one ever has to play with that damned silly floating ball again

5) Arjen Robben, the Dutch striker that failed on the one-on-one chance that was the Netherlands' best chance to win, is glad that he lives in a country that doesn't usually kill its failures

4) If Spain and the Netherlands play "the beautiful game", I'd hate to see the ugly one

3) Both teams proved that a 1-0 game for the world championship could, in fact, be dull

2) In a match between two teams with a history of choking, there could be only one

1) The world can be united in not caring about this sport for another four years

1 comment:

Andy7 said...

Great post. Especially point number 2. Horrible final.

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