Sunday, August 15, 2010

This week's Top 10 MLB takeaways

10) The Giants picked up Jose Guillen off the scrap heap, because when you have Pat Burrell and Aubrey Huff, you really need another guy out there with the range of a dead man

9) DC protestors chose the only kind of Nationals game that anyone notices -- a Stephen Strasburg start -- to try to move the All Star Game from Phoenix in 2011

8) Twins manager Ron Gardenhire pulled starting pitcher Kein Slowey despite having a no-hitter through seven innings, because no hitters are no longer uncommon

7) Derrek Lee hit four home runs in three games after coming back from bereavement leave, leading Cubs Fan to wonder if they need his relatives to die more often

6) Kansas City and Cleveland combined to win 6 of their last 20 games, which is to say that they pretty much performed as usual

5) Eight years and 20 major league appearances after being drafted #1 overall by the Pirates, Bryan Bullington beat the Yankees for his first major league win, mostly because the Yankees are helpless against pitchers they haven't seen before

4) In an utterly unprecedented development that shook the baseball world to its foundation, Rich Harden went on the disabled list

3) Jacoby Ellsbury's year appears to be over, due to soft ribs and a heavy flow

2) Stephen Strasburg called out Bryce Harper for having the temerity to hire Scott Boras as an agent

1) Justin Morneau's season appears to be over, a full 2-3 weeks earlier than usual

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