Monday, August 30, 2010

Top 10 reasons why Troy Polamalu has insured his hair

No, seriously; the Steeler safety has a million dollar policy with Lloyds of London on his locks, through his shampoo deal with Head and Shoulders. As always, FTT has the real reasons why.

10) It's the only way to protect against repeat Larry Johnson attacks

9) Given the man's strong faith, you'd have to expect a certain Samson and Delilah motif

8) Considering the level of risk involved in him losing it, and the PR generated from the policy, it's a clear win for the advertiser

7) When you've got that much salad on your skull, the cost of product alone can go into six figures

6) When you share a locker room with Ben Roethlisberger, it's best to just insure everything

5) The high payoff is necessary in case his hair is held hostage

4) It's a tribute to his Samoan and USC heritage of making serious coin

3) The three feet of hair helps to hide the fact that he's actually not all that big

2) Since he's been on a Madden cover, the million will come in handy when he spontaneously combusts

1) It's the only way for him to stop having the recurring nightmare about sock puppets harvesting his hair

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