Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top 10 signs that you are over-preparing for your 2010 fantasy football draft

10) You've got two sets of rankings -- with Favre and without Favre -- and you've had them in place since January

9) Pestering emails to the commish in snake drafts to preset the order, so that you can start prepping your round-by-round strategy

8) You've changed your team name several times, and would continue to do so, only it takes away time from your draft prep

7) The shocking news that Clinton Portis and Darren McFadden have suffered mild training camp injuries has you making adjustments

6) You've already started studying bye weeks and Week 14 through 16 schedules for your playoff push

5) While you completely understand the uselessness of ranking kickers, you have done it anyway (and for the record, it's Nate Keading of San Diego)

4) Your entire world will change depending on whether Johnny Knox, Devin Hester or Devin Aromashodu catches the most passes in the Bear preseason games (and look out for Earl Bennett, too)

3) The fact that Thomas Jones is currently listed as the #1 RB in Kansas City ahead of Jamal Charles fills your entire soul with hate

2) Despite the fact that there is a meagre at best chance that any WRs from Tampa, Buffalo or Cleveland will be startable in a standard league this year, you are keeping an eye on those teams anyway, and are more than ready to talk yourself into a pick

1) You've listened to fantasy football podcasts, but refuse to admit it out loud, for fear that your league mates will discover your source for useless punditry


Jonathan Bentz said...

Sign no. 11: You're prognosticating which defenses are likely to spend the most time on the field this season so that you can properly evaluate the potential of players in IDP leagues...

not that I actually do that but, you know, I'm just saying...

Anonymous said...

Sing #12: You are in an IDP league...

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