Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top 12 reasons why Rajon Rondo quit Team USA

12) Celtic Fan will stick their fingers in their ears over this, but there's a real good chance that he's actually the fourth best point guard for international play on the roster

11) Has family issues that just happened, through incredible coincidence, to correspond with going from first to third string

10) To echo the great Garry Templeton, if he ain't startin', he is departin'

9) Not comfortable with increasing the number of continents that are aware of his lack of a jump shot

8) Like so many college foreign exchange students before him, he was irrevocably exposed by Lithuania

7) Point guards that don't make free throws generally aren't, well, point guards

6) Didn't get a good feeling about being one of the better team rebounders

5) Just remembered that he plays for a team of dinosaurs, that his season didn't end until mid-June, and that he'll be getting 40+ minutes a game just to clinch a home playoff series next year

4) It was coming down to him or Chauncey Billups for the last roster spot, which is to say, against a guy who actually can shoot

3) If you had to listen to Mike Krzyewski, you'd most likely quit, too

2) Now realizes that there's no pot of endorsement gold at the end of a FIBA championship rainbow

1) He's the last man in the NBA to really hate his opponents, which means that co-habitation with Lamar Odom is just a deal breaker


Brian said...

Naw- he's too busy with his nighttime gig on the Real World: New Orleans.

patrick said...

What a retard you are!

patrick said...

Mean and biased is an understatement.

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