Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 10 reasons why the Bills cut Trent Edwards

After winning the starting job in training camp, and being arguably good enough to lead the team for their first two full games and serve as the backup for a third, the Bills cut QB Trent Edwards today. As always, FTT has the inside reasons why.

10) If the team had kept him, they would have had to sign his time card and give him medical benefits

9) The team is so shocked that he didn't have any trade value, they couldn't even look at him anymore

8) This just in: an organization that drafts a RB in the first round when that might be the only position on the team that's a strength might not be all that bright

7) Once you go with a Hahvahd man, it just seems so lowbrow to keep a Stanford guy around

6) The finally heard this song, which has been up on YouTube for only 12 months

6) The fact that he has a 14-18 record as a starting QB, and that record will be much better than what anyone else on the roster will achieve, just depressed them too much to keep him around

5) If Edwards wasn't released, deep threat WR Lee Evans was threatening to go into Operation Shutdown

4) It's one thing to inflict Edwards on the people of upstate NY, but when you foist him on the good people of Canada, that starts to reach the level of international incident

3) With Edwards, Buffalo was the only team in the NFL to use the Wildcat as a way to improve their deep game

2) As the CJ Spiller Experience shows, the Bills use the preseason merely to jerk their fans and fantasy owners around

1) It's all part of an elaborate plan to bring back J.P. Losman, and failing that, Jim Kelly or Frank Reich

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