Sunday, September 19, 2010

Top 10 reasons why the Eagles should start Michael Vick next week

10) With Jamal Jackson out for the year and Jason Peters ailing, it's not like the Eagles can win without the QB being an escape artist

9) After allowing Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley back out there after suffering concussions, it wouldn't kill them to show a little more discretion

8) It may be the only way to sell tickets in Jacksonville

7) If Kolb starts and loses against the erratic Jags, Eagle Fan will bury him for good

6) What with Reid's constant jerking of Vick back and forth into games, starting him full-time is the only way to get consistency in the offense

5) If Vick can just keep playing at a borderline MVP level, he's sure to stop being one of the five most hated athletes in America

4) It makes Tony Dungy happy and gives every braying studio jackass something to talk about

3) Racist Eagle Fans who have spent the past decade hating the fact that the team had a black QB would get to suck it some more

2) The way Vick isn't avoiding hits, combined with the general offensive line play, means that the QBs might be trading off concussions all year

1) Unlike Kolb, Vick has yet to play badly this year

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