Monday, September 13, 2010

Top 10 signs Your Fantasy Football Season Is Doomed

And before you ask, no, this one didn't require that much research, really...

10) When Kevin Kolb got concussed, you followed suit

9) You are hoping like hell that Michael Crabtree responds to the Mike Singletary reaming the same way that Vernon Davis did

8) The Steve Slaton sleeper pick is looking like one of your better values

7) LaDanian Tomlinson and Rex Ryan are your mortal enemies, given what they've done to Shonn Greene

6) The note that comes with the trade offers from other teams say things like "Before you stop paying attention"

5) You passed up Maurice Jones-Drew for the sure thing that is Andre Johnson

4) The commish is very anxious about getting your league fees

3) Somehow, you've already spent all of your free agent auction budget

2) You are consoling yourself over your savvy pick at kicker

1) You drafted any biped from Buffalo

1 comment:

DMtShooter said...

Oh, and the bonus 11th... you drafted Ryan Grant. In multiple leagues. And don't believe in handcuffs. Gahhh....

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