Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top 11 NFL Cut Day Takeaways

11) The Ravens left QB Troy Smith behind, preferring to trust the athleticism and resistance to injury provided by Marc Bulger

10) Now that Willie Parker has been cut loose by two different teams, it's pretty obvious that he no longer can be called Fast

9) The Lions cut veteran CB Dre Bly, which more or less assures that he's no longer an NFL cornerback

8) Seattle decided it could live without TJ Houshmandzadeh, which will make the dumb guy in your fantasy league look even dumber when he drafts him

7) All three of the Eagles' safetys from the 2009 team are gone now, which tells you all that you really need to know about the 2009 Eagles

6) The Titans cut Samkon Gado and Chris Simms, amazing NFL observers who could not imagine why either man should even be in a training camp, let alone make it to the final cut

5) Cincy cut Matt Jones, despite the fact that he's had a checkered past and they are required by NFL bylaws to employ all of those guys

4) Miami said goodbye to Pat White, proving that they can blow second round picks on skill position washouts just as easily as first rounders like Ted Ginn Jr.

3) The Steelers gave the pink slip to OLer Justin Hartwig, mostly to avoid losing more green slips

2) Tampa tossed WR Michael Clayton, proving that they, unlike everyone else in the NFL, could tell him apart from Reggie Brown, Sammie Stroughter

1) The Cardinals determined that Matt Leinart's poor attitude and worse performance wasn't worth keeping on the roster, two weeks after he was supposed to be the starter, which somehow proves that their coaching and talent evaluation is solid

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