Friday, October 1, 2010

Top 10 ways race affected the LeBron James coverage

The Global Icon and his manager say they believe race played a factor in how his decision was covered, but they didn't say how. FTT is here, as always, to educate and illuminate.

10) The coverage has helped spread the lie that James wasn't even born in this country, and worships himself

9) The negative coverage just goes to show you how much America hates Miami's Cuban population for that Elian Gonzalez thing, and doesn't want them to be happy

8) Cleveland's high concentration of people of Polish descent tarred with the stereotype that only stupid people choose to live in Cleveland, or take obvious bait for cheap comment heat in blog lists

7) LeBron's "talents" comment totally reinforced the mistaken notion that black guys have bigger penises than, say, white men who write sports blogs

6) The outrageous "boy" slur was given mainstream coverage due to James' choice of charity

5) By some incredible coincidence, all of Miami's top free agent signings were black men

4) Cavs' owner Dan Gilbert's freakout was not universally regarded as insulting, demeaning and idiotic

3) What those filthy Belgians said in their coverage was absolutely inexcusable

2) Courage of James frequently included the adjective "uppity"

1) White men bent over backwards to show that they, too, can show the overblown reactions of stereotypically upset black men

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