Sunday, October 17, 2010

Top 10 Eagles-Falcons Takeaways

10) So long as Kevin Kolb has a 148 QB rating, Michael Vick can stay hurt for as long as he likes

9) Even in their best win of the year, the team is still taking a ton of penalties

8) The single most encouraging sign of the game was the effective run defense against a quality RB

7) At 5'-5" and white, Chad Hall has huge jersey sale potential, assuming he actually produces in a game

6) Even Brent Celek can catch the ball some of the time if you hit him between the numbers

5) Jeremy Maclin showed why he might be the best #2 WR in the league, but Eagle Fan is still holding his breath for DeSean Jackson's recovery

4) In the credit where due department, give it up to T King Dunlap, who in his first start erased the Falcons' John Abraham and made Jason Peters look a whole lot less necessary

3) For one week at least, Andy Reid called running plays with a lead and actually burned the clock

2) Cablevision and Fox's inability to show the game proves that they can only win at home when people in New Jersey don't get the game

1) After missing his first three, then hitting his last one after a wardrobe change, David Akers no longer wants to be aware of breast cancer

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