Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 10 reasons why the NBA is cracking down on whining about foul calls

10) With Rasheed Wallace and Allen Iverson out of the picture, it was finally safe to make this move

9) It will give them something new to throw out the window during the playoffs

8) The referees are so consistent, competent and impartial that it just had no impact on the game

7) Gives Celtic Fan something new to mutter conspiratorially about, since that whole "We Never Got Compensation When Len Bias Died" meme is getting a wee bit tired

6) The fans really hate it when any player cares or shows emotion, because it's just so unprofessional

5) The increased fees from technical fouls are going to help pay for the revenue lost during next year's strike and lockout

4) Gives the rising Stat Nerd underclass something new to chart

3) It's sure to make everyone forget when All Father Stern changed the basketball or made everyone wear suits

2) The people in the ridiculously expensive courtside seats had their people complain to the management

1) It's much easier to call than flopping, a moving pick, three seconds in the lane or things that actually matter

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