Sunday, October 24, 2010

Top Ten NFL Week 7 Ad Questions

10) Does taking Lipitor make you dive into lakes?

9) How does endangering infants sell Hewlett-Packard printers?

8) Should you choose your life insurance from a provider that lets a beagle pilot a ship through jungle rapids?

7) Why does Dish Network feel compelled to demonstrate a foot fetish?

6) Why does the E*Trade baby's parents allow so much expensive computer technology in the crib of a person who fouls their own pants on a routine basis?

5) Should DirecTV's criminal activities and willingness to assault and drug minimum wage movie projectionists be rewarded with patronage?

4) Are you allowed to drink Corona in a non-beach setting?

3) Is anyone else creeped out by the bad touch avatar?

2) How does the possibility of flight sell jeans?

1) How big of a loser do you have to be to care so much about the Bud Light commercial "innovations" that you give up your Facebook information to get it?

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