Sunday, October 31, 2010

Top Ten NFL Week 8 Ad Questions

10) If Southwest's baggage handlers are driving around asking people about online ticketing options, doesn't this mean my bags on a Southwest flight are toast?

9) If I take Uloric, do I have to carry a monstrous beaker of green acid around with me, even while fishing?

8) Is Old Navy selling mannequinns now, and if not, why did they spend 25 out of 30 seconds in their ad shilling for them?

7) Does anyone in their right mind think that Chris Berman eats at Appleby's, or understand why a news crew might go there for any reason other than a salmonella outbreak?

6) When your Cadillac sedan goes from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds, does it help you to forget that you're driving an ugly car that's favored by pimps and old men?

5) Does Coors Light really have enough liquor in it to make the portraits on the wall start talking?

4) How did someone greenlight an action movie starring a train?

3) Why is Domino's kidnapping people to take them to farms, and how does that sell what they refer to as pizza?

2) How do black and white commercials that give me close ups of ears help to influence my choice of airlines?

1) If I get an AT&T Blackberry, when will the hallucinations that amusement park rides have replaced everything in my life end?

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