Thursday, November 25, 2010

Part 1 Week 12 NFL Picks: The Less I Try, The More I Win

So last week, in the run-up to a long vacation and a ton of car travel, I didn't spend the usual grinding amount of time on the picks. Instead, I went with feel, didn't sweat the small points, and avoided any grand theory. And promptly had my best week in years, nearly drawing up to the .500 mark for the year and lifetime. It's kind of absurd, really.

So in this abbreviated column, posted from an undisclosed location in western Georgia from a blogger that's more or less filing these in to make sure I keep the streak of picking every game... well, take 'em to the bank. And best of wishes for a great Thanksgiving...

NEW ENGLAND (+7) at Detroit

Sure, the Lions can score some points in this game; the Patriots are a middling defensive unit, and the Lions have moved the ball a ton for a team with their won-loss record. But I know these truths to be self-evident; a dog early game on Turkey Day is not optional. It is absolutely necessary.

Patriots 31, Lions 20

NEW ORLEANS (+1) at Dallas

I know the Cowboys have won every game in the Jason Garrett Era, and that the Saints on the road are no bargain. I also know that the Cowboys can't protect the QB or run the ball, and that the Saints defense can make some plays against teams that aren't careful with the ball. When Jon Kitna is your QB, that describes you. A lot. Besides, America needs to see the Cowboys torn apart on national television, on a holiday. It's important.

Saints 34, Cowboys 17

Cincinnati at NY JETS (-9)

Not only are the Bengals a dead team walking with a ground game that isn't good enough to keep this game balanced... but they've also just seen their best WR in 2010 (Terrell Owens) mouth off about how Jets CB Darrelle Revis is ordinary. Prepare to see a 3 catch, 30 yard kind of day for TO, and several picks for QB Carson Palmer.

(The rest of the picks will be posted before Sunday, God willing and the vacation doesn't end in tragedy.)

Jets 24, Bengals 13

Last week: 12-3-1 (wow!)

Year to date: 72-76-1

Lifetime: 352-353-24

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