Monday, November 8, 2010

Top 10 Eagles - Colts Questions

10) Given that P Pat McAfee can get a five yard flag for flopping on his ass without contact, why doesn't every punter do that on every kick?

9) When Phil Simms tells you that a hit was helmet to helmet, but the replay shows that it's clearly not the case, do we think that Simms is drunk, delusional, not watching the monitor or just trying to see if he can control reality?

8) If Reggie Wayne is really the Colts' best receiver, why was Asante Samuel on Pierre Garcon all day?

7) Was Michael Vick ever really any faster than this?

6) Is the new way to draw a flag as a WR to just get a concussion, rather than throw your hands up?

5) Can someone please tell Andy Reid that challenging the spot on a near touchdown is less valuable than just lining up and quick snapping a QB sneak on first down?

4) Does Brent Celek ever catch the ball in traffic now?

3) Is Dmitri Patterson really this much better than Ellis Hobbs, or was it just that Peyton Manning didn't have enough film on him to show the way to attack?

2) Why did Sav Rocca save up all of the season's shanked punts for before the bye?

1) When the refs kept the Colts in the game because Trent Cole brushed Eli Manning's head for a gift 15 yard penalty and first down, did you also not want to ever watch football again, or was that just my reaction?


CMJDad said...

Only 2 teams get those three BAD calls, the Pats and, of course, the Colts. Next, it will be a 15 yd penalty if a defender thinks ill thoughts of P. Manning.

Tracer Bullet said...

Honestly, we're going to reach the point where 1) Defenders just stop trying or 2) They just say to hell with it, accept that they're going to get flagged and fined no matter what they do and REALLY start blowing guys up.

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