Monday, November 15, 2010

Top 10 Eagles - Redskins Takeaways

10) It's good that the Redskins were coming off a bye, otherwise this could have gotten ugly

9) The Eagles' biggest problem in this game was that David Akers was really getting worn down

8) If you didn't have Michael Vick in your roto league, you got owned

7) Luckily for the defenses, the rain slowed things up

6) The Redskins became the first team in NFL history to score garbage time touchdowns in the second quarter

5) DeSean Jackson's fantasy owners feel very cheated, seeing how Vick kept spreading the joy around

4) After a year of watching the Phillies Fan own their Opening Day, then the Eagles eviscerate them at home, you can sort of see how DC Fan is pretty tired of them

3) The Redskins defense quit so much, the Eagles were even successful in short yardage running plays

2) The Eagles set a team record in total yards, most points in a first quarter, and most panting mouth jobs from a broadcast team in one telecast

1) Daniel Synder is the best owner ever, assuming that you don't root for the Redskins

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