Sunday, November 7, 2010

Top 10 NFL Week 9 Ad Questions

10) How is the endorse-ment of the most irritating child in the world supposed to help sell Toyotas?

9) Isn't there something more compelling to say about the new Mac than "it's thin"?

8) Does someone really want to use deodorant that makes you smell like Bear Grylls?

7) Is there any way that I can bet against the football team that's staring down the Jared jewelry buyers, rather than playing the game?

6) When did Santa get hired by Mercedes-Benz, and doesn't that just mean that the whole naughty/nice thing has been totally compromised?

5) Does any creature on the earth get laid less than a tech nerd elf?

4) Is Coors such weak-ass beer that you can make a perfect and pristine boat while drinking it?

3) Why did Microsoft make a cell phone if they hate it when people use them?

2) Does Visa only choose extreme geezers for their Super Bowl ticker promotion to limit their liability?

1) If there is a "Call of Duty" soldier in all of us, doesn't that also mean that there's a lot of us who are ready to kill and die for no good reason at all?

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