Friday, November 19, 2010

Top 10 reasons why MLB is going to expand the playoffs to 10 teams

10) If they just expand the field long enough, the Brewers are sure to qualify

9) Now that we've eliminated pennant races, we need to figure out some stronger way to emasulate the regular season

8) Gives MLB more October games to get slaughtered in head to head matchups against the NFL

7) The more teams that make it, the better the chance that the MLB+ teams won't win the World Series, so that the league can continue to sell that parity myth

6) It will be an important part of the league's game plan to win back fans after a pointless lockout, PR-crushing steroid scandal, or snooze-incuding offensive slowdown

5) Increases the chance of us finally getting a playoff game with a below .500 team

4) In two of the last three years, we had to endure an AL playoff season without Boston or New York, which can clearly never happen again

3) More playoff games means more games on at odd hours and cable channels, which the league just can't get enough of

2) Improves the likelihood of some young pitching phenom actually haven to work more than 120 innings

1) Critical step towards making the MLB regular season just as meaningless as the NBA or NHL


Jason said...

Are you telling me that all I need to do is list 10 irrelevant, asinine things every week and I get paid by Yardbarker? Where do I sign up?

Anonymous said...


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