Monday, November 15, 2010

Top 10 reasons why the Redskins signed Donovan McNabb to a $78 million extension

10) He promised that if they did the deal, he'd be sure in shape, knowing the two minute offense, and willing to win tonight's game

9) You always want to give a an injury-prone 34-year-old guy having his worst statistical season five years with $40 million in guaranteed money

8) Dan Snyder wants to show Mike Shanahan that's he's not the only guy in town who can make very bad decisions

7) Sexy Rexy Grossman was getting a little too big for his britches

6) They really weren't interested in Michael Vick after all

5) McNabb is part of their big picture plan of winning the league in 2004

4) The club understands that with this line and wideouts, you need to overpay

3) Congress isn't the only organization in town that's used to paying far more than market rate

2) Once Terrell Owens and Freddie Mitchell threw McNabb under the bus again, the 'Skins just felt even more sorry for him

1) Dan Snyder is the best Redskins owner ever, provided you aren't a fan of the Redskins

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