Monday, November 8, 2010

Top 10 reasons why Tim Tebow is writing a memoir

Harper Collins is publishing the QB's memoir in April. As always, FTT has the inside reasons why. (And a hat tip to the Five Tool Ninja for the inspiration and an entry...)

10) There might still be some confusion about his feelings about Jebus

9) That time he scored a touchdown as an NFL player totally requires historical documentation

8) Really feels quite passionately about the need for a flat tax, teaching creationism in home schools, and how girls with large breasts are totally awesome

7) At 23 years of age, has so much accumulated wisdom to impart

6) Has always dreamed of having his own book to hand to people after they've lost other books in a fire

5) Once abortion is outlawed, it will be a huge bestseller among unborn babies

4) Many of his fans can read, and need to be encouraged to do so, because that knowledge is like a muscle, really

3) Tony Dungy's work as Insufferable Religious Sage is good, but fails to reach the younger demographic

2) The world is simply clamoring for more insider information about the 2010 Denver Broncos

1) Has so many stories to tell about hobbits, Christ-like lions, and the coming Rapture

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