Saturday, November 27, 2010

Top 10 things the Broncos learned from taping the 49ers practice

The Broncos and coach Josh McDaniels were fined a combined six figures for a Spygate-style illegal taping a month ago, leading to the possible banning for life of flunkie Steve Scarnecchia. But what did the team learn from the footage?

10) The Niners really like to give the ball to RB Frank Gore

9) In a shocking revelation that they totally missed from the game tapes, Troy Smith is different from Alex Smith

8) Cheating helps, but not as much as having players with talent, motivation or competent coaching

7) No one believes it when ex-Patriots employees deny wrongdoing

6) Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall seem a little less blameworthy for their depatures now

5) Every time a Broncos employee lies about cheating, Baby Tim Tebow cries

4) There is absolutely nothing suspicious about how McDaniels and the Broncos hired Scarnecchia despite his earlier Spygate involvement

3) If this isn't enough to convince the NFL to stop exporting terrible football teams to the UK, nothing will

2) This won't be the last time that the adjective "unwitting" will be applied to the Mike Singletary Niners

1) When you are facing a 1-6 NFC West team that's coached by a man who once dropped trou as a halftime motivational tactic, you must take extraordinary measures to learn their strategic innovations

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Anonymous said...

Add Payton Hillis to #6.

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