Friday, November 26, 2010

Top 10 things Cleveland Fan should do for LeBron James' return

On December 2nd, LeBron James comes to Cleveland for the first time as a visiting player. You only get this one chance to impress us before the media goes back to ignoring you for, well, the rest of your lives. Bring the "A" Game, people, or just go to the 8 minute mark in the following clip.

10) Stand as one when he is introduced, then turn their backs to him in a wave formation, Klingon-style

9) Bring a kid from the Boys or Girls Club to the game, and when LeBron is looking, punch the kid in the face

8) Chant the Heat's won-loss record for the entire game

7) Wear as many Delonte West jerseys as possible

6) Given that the Cavs are hiring extra security for the event, make as many threatening gestures as possible every time that James has the ball, so that the team feels that it got its money's worth

5) Come to the game with as many disparaging signs about Akron as possible

4) Studiously avoid any Nike attire

3) Match James' performance by pretending to cheer for him, and then turning on him when it really matters

2) Cheer respectfully for his years of service, if only to blow the minds of the national media that has already written the story in advance

1) Boo him every time he touches the ball, and get really angry when his team wins

And for site archivists, this is Post #3000 in FTT History, which means that we're very persistent, and not very bright.

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