Sunday, November 14, 2010

Top 12 NFL Week 10 Takeaways

12) The Jets and their opponents should just start every game tied at 20 and in overtime

11) The only late game shown in the greater New York and Philadelphia megalopolis was Giants-Cowboys, because the NFL and networks just wanted to ensure that you saw the first game of the Jason Garrett Era

10) We can go back to knowing that Cedric Benson utterly, completely and irrevocably sucks

9) The most bitter guy in your fantasy football league is the guy that lost Dallas Clark and didn't get Jacob Tamme, and yes, that would be me

8) If the QB gets the pass off under pressure and gets hit, it's now a penalty more often than not

7) Through the simple application of competence, Colt McCoy could be the best Browns II QB ever, even better than Derek Anderson's Fluke Year

6) The Bears are one of the (very) few teams in the NFL that should be allowed to wear their throwback uniforms

5) Chad Pennington is now so well-versed in the Dolphins system that he can get hurt in a quarter, rather than a month

4) Buffalo finally won a game, at home and in miserable weather while nearly choking in the last seconds, just to make sure that their fans didn't really enjoy this week, either

3) Now that the Vikings are well and truly done, the club can finally go to a QB that nobody wanted for a coach that nobody wanted

2) The Texans have stepped up their game from trying to get coach Gary Kubiak fired to trying to get him to kill himself

1) It's really not Cleveland Fan's year

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