Sunday, November 7, 2010

Top 12 NFL Week 9 Takeaways

12) The Raiders have won three games in a row, are above .500 in November, sold out the building, and have given every reason to believe that the Rapture is upon us

11) Seattle finally found a way to negate their home field advantage

10) Brett Favre's teammates love him so much that they make incredible hustle plays to save TAInts, proving once more just how wonderful Brett Favre is

9) The Chargers lead the league in wideouts that refuse to use consonants

8) Percy Harvin goes from 60 to limp faster than anyone in the NFL

7) There are few things more fun in the league than player profanity on the referee's mic during a penalty call

6) No QB has ever made a block, or even an attempt at a block, without it drawing the notice and comment of the announcing team

5) I'm pretty sure that I'd watch less football if it were not for the periodic thanks of local television anchors

4) It's just a darn shame that mean old Eric Mangini made all of those trick plays to beat the Patriots silly, just when Bill Simmons made New England the top team in his completely unbiased NFL team ranking column

3) Now that DeAngelo Williams and Jonahan Stewart are both hurt and the Panthers are playing musical awful QBs, WR Steve Smith is being put on suicide watch

2) QB Philip Rivers showed that he really doesn't need Antonio Gates to make the TE position fantasy relevant for the Chargers

1) We really need to go back to under-rating and failing to notice Texans QB Matt Schaub, because he really sucks now

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