Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top 12 Viking complaints about Brad Childress

According to the Chicago Sun-Times (and yes, this report will be dismissed as a Bear conspiracy), multiple cowardly and anonymous Vikings players have gone off the record as saying they want their coach run. As always, FTT has the reasons why.

12) Not a big fan of the FTT Game Show "You Crap The Bed", which couldn't really exist without Chilly

11) Know that in a matter of long-term job security, Percy Harvin has him crushed, and Percy's brain routinely tells him not to play football

10) His lack of people skills really comes to the forefront when the team's record is 3-5

9) They are as tired of the "To Catch A Predator" jokes as anyone

8) The Brett Favre that he brought back this year isn't nearly as good as the Brett Favre that he brought back last year

7) Randy Moss's opinion about the catering wasn't unique

6) Given his game management, um, skills, the idea that they are winning despite him does seem accurate

5) Six players are on (anonymous) record as wanting him fired, which means he's not really unlikable enough to get about average for an NFL locker room

4) It's totally his fault that the offensive line isn't young or good anymore

3) Delivers pre-game rap routines that redefine whiteness in our time

2) Unlike mentor Andy Reid, doesn't claim every team failing as his own, or weigh so much that the players feel better about themselves by comparison

1) It's generally hard to like someone at your job when he utterly and completly sucks at it

1 comment:

Max Power said...

Although Chilly is unquestionably a star of "You Crap the Bed", it seems the NFL has no problems filling head coach vacancies with incompetent boobs. It's just the Circle of Life...

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